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Restaurant POS

ECON Soft Restaurant POS Systems are built for table dining business, fast casual checkouts, hotels and motels, bars, nightclubs, corporate style cafeterias and catering services. Get modern and effective solutions and become another happy customer of ECON Software. ECON Soft delivers enhanced efficiency, productivity and security to your business and inspires your company to innovate and think about your business in a different way. ECON Soft supports multiple sections, multiple counters with multi pricing and multi mode payment options.

ezyPOS Restaurant Software can be easily customized to meet any particular requirements to support your business needs. Advanced level of user-control helps restaurants owners to avoid mistakes and manipulations in the transactions made. The real time notification about rate change and special discounts provides a better control over the full software. The ezyPOS is designed for speedy processing of any sales made. Transactions may be cash or credit or credit/debit card. Taxes are fully configurable.